Knowledge Areas

Curriculum Categories. The Pennsylvania Core Body of Knowledge (CBK) for early childhood and school-age practitioners outlines what they need to know and do when caring for and educating young children. The eight knowledge areas are part of Pennsylvania’s Core Body of Knowledge.

Early care professionals need to know:

  • how children grow and develop;
  • how children can be safe, feel secure, and remain healthy; 
  • how children’s families support their lives; 
  • how and why children’s development is assessed; and 
  • how to value and support the diversity of the children, their families, and the staff.

Early care professionals need to be able to:

  • create a safe, attractive, and interesting environment for children;
  • plan activities and experiences that are appropriate for the children’s ages and capabilities; 
  • stimulate children’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development; and 
  • interact with children in ways that guide them toward an understanding of self and others and toward increased self-control.