Handling and Storage of Hazardous Materials

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This lesson explores the connection between children’s health and pest control in a child care facility. Creating healthy indoor environments for children includes recognizing situations that may be putting children's health at risk. Learn safer pest control practices to help assure the indoor environment for children is safe using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). (K7.8 C1, CDA1) 2 hours

Both pests and pesticides can be harmful to children’s health. Children spend many hours in child care and it is our responsibility to properly manage pests and protect children from the risk of pesticide exposure. In this lesson, learn about several common pests found in child care facilities, how to manage them safely and effectively using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and about using pesticides safely. (K7.8 C1, CDA1) 2 hours

As young children explore their environment, they touch everything and many objects go into their mouths. What can be done to minimize the germs and other contaminants in a child care facility? Clean, of course! It is really important to have clean spaces. When chemicals are used inside a building their residues can affect the health of children. This lesson takes a look at different cleaning practices, why they are important and what can be done to make the indoor environment healthier for the children in child care. (K7.8 C1, CDA1) 2 hours

(for Center Directors) Creating healthy indoor environments for children includes recognizing situations that may put children’s health at risk, such as poor air quality inside buildings. Learn about specific factors that reduce air quality, how they can affect the children in your program, and practical things directors and staff can do to improve air quality in your facility. (D7.8 C2, CDA1) 2 hours

(for Center Directors) This lesson focuses on environmental issues in your child care facility. Directors will be able to identify potential environmental issues that can impact health and safety in the facility. Learn simple strategies on how to reduce children’s exposure to toxins and poisons, including how to watch for or reduce exposure to asbestos, radon, lead, mercury, and household cleaners, and how to find healthier and greener alternatives for cleaning. (D7.8 C2, CDA1) 2 hours

(for Center Directors) This lesson focuses on reusing and recycling to reduce waste in your child care facility. Directors will discover how to reduce waste by identifying ways to reuse and recycle and will create a recycling plan for their facility. (D7.8 C2, CDA1) 2 hours

Keeping children healthy and safe should be the top priority for all child care providers. This lesson addresses the key areas of hand washing, the use of sanitizers, and the safety of indoor and outdoor play equipment. Learn the latest research-based information and best ways to keep the children in your care healthy and safe. (K7.2 C1, CDA 1) 2 hours