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CLAD – Cultural, Linguistic, Ability Diversity – Are you self-aware?
May 9, 2017
Have you thought about culture lately, including your own? Working with children and families from diverse backgrounds other than the early childhood professional’s own requires continual self-reflection and learning. Children and families in early childhood education (ECE) programs are substantially diverse—whether the differences are cultural, linguistic, ability, family structure, race, religion, or socio-economic. An awareness of CLAD—cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity—is fundamental to working with children and families.
Safe Sleep Practices for Caregivers: Reduce the risk of SUID
April 26, 2017
Providing high quality sleep environments and understanding Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) are an essential part of a child care provider’s job. There are about 4,000 sudden and unexpected deaths (SUID) in the United States each year. More than half of these deaths are caused by a commonly know type of SUID called SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This lesson focuses on defining SUID and identifying behaviors that affect and reduce the risk of sleep-related SUID. This module is available at no cost.
Connect families to community-based services and resources
April 13, 2017
Community-based services provide families and children with needed resources and information. Early care and education (ECE) professionals who learn about their community’s resources, and connect families with these resources, provide an important bridge to services for children and families.
Keeping children safe at home
April 6, 2017
Children are at risk of injury because their developmental stages limit their physical, mental, and emotional abilities. As they grow, children naturally test out their environments, but their curiosity and fearlessness put them at great danger for injuries.
Tales of carpet tubes and poetry
March 14, 2017
What do carpet tubes and poetry have to do with each other, and with early childhood education? In several recent workshops, early care providers were presented with creative opportunities inspired by carpet tubes and poetry—opportunities that other professionals may want to replicate in their own early care or out-of-school time classrooms.