Coliform Testing by Department of Environmental Protection

The DEP offers a test for total coliform bacteria at a cost of $10.

The only test offered to the general public is total coliform. For other testing, use a state certified analytical laboratory. Because total coliform analysis is testing for a living organism, there are restrictions on the collection bottles and length of time between sample collection and analysis in order to have a valid test result. The DEP office requirements are listed below:

  1. Payment is by check or money order only, no cash.
  2. The office provides sterile bottles that must be paid for and picked up prior to sampling.
  3. The form that goes with the bottle has instructions for collection on the back
  4. The sample must be delivered back to the office the same day it is collected.
  5. Samples are only accepted Monday through Thursday, and not for two days prior to a holiday.
  6. Samples must be delivered to the office by 3:00 pm so that there is time to pack them for courier pick up.

Contact the DEP office if you have any questions.

Department of Environmental Protection York District Office
150 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 200
York, PA 17401
Phone: 717-771-4481
Fax: 717-845-3496
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