Mosquitoes and Ticks

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Trash piles breed nuisance mosquitoes.

Trash piles breed nuisance mosquitoes.

Did you know?

  • Pennsylvania is home to over 60 different species of mosquitoes? Species most commonly responsible for transmitting West Nile and other diseases are species that seek out human made containers or areas of environmental disturbances.
  • The simplest way to reduce biting mosquito concerns around your home is to inspect your property for items that will collect and hold water and eliminate these items? During the summer mosquitoes can go from egg to adult within 7 days.
  • For the past three years Pennsylvania has ranked #1 in the United States for reported cases of Lyme Disease? Take time to dress properly, wear repellent and inspect yourself after being outside.
  • Mosquitoes and ticks also transmit diseases to pets and other animals such as horses?
  • The best way to reduce mosquito concerns is to cleanup your yard and surrounding community.  This eliminates mosquito breeding sources. 

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