York Daily Record Editorial Spotlights the Illegal Dump Cleanup!

Posted: January 10, 2012

The York Daily Record editorial, Jan. 9, 2012: "We got an interesting item last week from state Rep. Ron Miller, R-Jacobus. He forwarded a news release from the Penn State Extension, York County West Nile Virus program regarding a community cleanup in northern York County."

"On Saturday, December 17, 2011, volunteers and staff eliminated several dump sites along Stillhouse Road (Newberry Township) and Railroad Street (Goldsboro). Volunteers removed and properly disposed of 4.86 tons of trash which included; 20 tires, 1 washing machine, 1 hot tub, 3 sofas, 2 reclining chairs, 2 swimming pool liners, kitchen cabinets, carpeting and flooring. A 30 cubic yard dumpster was provided by Newberry Township. The trash and waste was properly disposed of at the York County Solid Waste Authority at no charge through their Free Litter Disposal Program."

Good grief - 4.86 tons of trash!

A hot tub?

Kitchen cabinets - what, no kitchen sink?

What an appalling mess along a beautiful section of the Susquehanna River.

Here's Rep. Miller's note about the news release: "Congratulations to all who participated. I wish I could find a way to track those who litter and cause others to expend so much energy to clean up after them. Thanks for the effort."

We reiterate his gratitude to those who helped with the cleanup and second his thought that it would be good track down the dumpers and make them clean up their own messes."

Are you sure that can't be done, Rep. Miller? Maybe it's just a matter of a little detective work. Granted, this is outside Rep. Miller's district, but we sure would like to see the pigs who dumped such a mess held accountable.