York County Gypsy Moth Assessment Request

Enroll in the assessment program to determine the need for a 2018 Gypsy Moth Suppression Spraying. Enrollment closes July 31, 2017.
Gypsy moth caterpillar. Photo:Pest and Diseases Image Library,

Gypsy moth caterpillar. Photo:Pest and Diseases Image Library,

Date and Location

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May 19, 2017 to July 31, 2017 12:00 PM


York County

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Program Criteria

This is a forested residential program. These are the criteria as of June 30, 2015 and may change at the discretion of Pennsylvania DCNR. In order to be considered for inclusion in the program the following criteria must be met:

  1. A minimum count of 250 gypsy moth egg masses per acre or significant danger of blow-in.
  2. Heavily wooded (over 50% of area near the home covered by tree crown) and have a permanent dwelling on the property within 200 feet of the forest.
  3. Have trees composed of at least 25% highly favored species that are at least 25 feet in height. Highly favored species include apple, aspen, basswood, beech, birches (gray, white, and river), boxelder, hawthorn, larch, oaks (all species), willows, and witch hazel. Maples, tulip poplar, locust and pines are NOT highly favored species.;Lots with a few ornamental trees, or hedgerow type groupings are not considered forested.
  4. Have 25 acres of heavily wooded land in the area around the property. If it is an island of trees in the midst of fields or open lots, it will not qualify.

Twenty-five contiguous, wooded acres are necessary to set a spray block. Please speak to your neighbors and make application together, because they will become part of a spray block with you.

To find information on gypsy moth in Pennsylvania, visit the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Gypsy Moth website. An article describing 2017 Gypsy moth suppression activity Appeared in the DCNR Resource newsletter.

For York County information visit the Gypsy Moth Pest Page.

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