4-H School Enrichment Program Enriches Students Lives

Posted: April 5, 2017

Thousands of youth are introduced to agriculture and science through the 4-H school enrichment programs.
Tina Danser, 4-H Youth Program Assistant

Tina Danser, 4-H Youth Program Assistant

Each year thousands of youth across the Commonwealth are introduced to agriculture, science and 4-H through one of the many 4-H projects. In Westmoreland County, Tina Danser, 4-H Youth Program Assistant, shares the 4-H Embryology Project, one of the enrichment projects. She works in many of the schools in the county. In her presentation she explains the complexity of the developing egg and how to care for both the egg and chick. Recently she presented to a group of 4th grade students in Norwin School District. This and other exciting project materials are part of the School Enrichment Program. Last year, over 2,150 youth were reached as part of the 4-H School Enrichment Program.

The 2017 Embryology Project was kicked off in Norwin School District. 369 students in 4th grade at Hillcrest Intermediate School were among the first to take part in the Embryology Project this year. It took 2 entire school days to reach all of the 4th grade students and spend time learning about Embryology, Incubation, Chickens, and compare to other types of living creatures. The eggs started their 21 day journey on Valentine’s Day – with incubators also running at Norvelt Elementary, Baggaley Elementary, and Level Green Elementary Schools.

The 4-H Embryology Project is part of our School Enrichment Program which delivers lessons and in-depth experimentation to schools in Westmoreland County in Embryology, Rocketry, Plant Sciences, Renewable Energy, Engineering and Robotics, Electricity, and Healthy Living. To find out how to bring 4-H Projects into your child’s classroom, please contact Tina Danser at the Extension Office at 724-837-1402 or by email at