Smoke Free Air for Passengers at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport

Posted: August 26, 2015

Until recently there has been a "glitch" at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. Thanks to a joint effort the Smoking Area has been moved!
The new smoking area at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport

The new smoking area at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport

Arnold Palmer Airport has grown and brings many visitors to Westmoreland County.

It is a jewel with a convenient location and free parking. However, until recently there was a glitch. The designated smoking area was in front of the terminal between the two doors. Individuals, parents and children had to pass by or wait in this area breathing the cigarette smoke which contains many toxins, including carcinogens.

Thanks to County Commissioner, Ted Kopas, using information from Penn State Extension Tobacco Prevention Unit, and working with Al Monzo and the Airport Authority, the “smoking area” was moved to the left of the building. Now, individuals and families with children can enter or wait to be picked up breathing “smoke free air.”