Pennsylvania Learning Standards For Early Childhood

Posted: November 22, 2013

Many families work or attend school and rely on early care experiences for their children. Better Kid Care strives to support the educators of those children.

On Friday, October 25, Patty Graff, Extension Educator and Better Kid Care Coordinator in Westmoreland County, presented a professional development session for early care and education practitioners titled “Integrating the Early Childhood Standards into Curriculum and Assessment.”

The session provides an overview of the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood designed to support educators in providing the foundations for children’s school and life success. The session also explores ways that early care curriculum and assessments are linked to the standards.

Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards are research-based and identify key learning areas of development for children. The standards guide educators/practitioners to intentionally integrate developmental know-ledge with attitudes, skills, and concepts. The Standards join hand-in-hand with the learning environment provided by early care programs, their staff and educators. Key components focus on developing responsive relationships built with children, their families, the community in which they live, and where the early care program is located.

Participants in the professional development session explored the Key Learning Areas within the Standards in order to grasp an understanding of what builds and supports the foundation of learning for all children. The Key Learning Areas include: Approaches to Learning, Creative Thinking and Expression, Mathematical Thinking and Expression, Scientific Thinking and Technology, Social Studies Thinking, Health, Wellness and Physical Development, Language and Literacy Development, Social and Emotional Development and Partnerships for Learning.

Better Kid Care supports implementation of the Pennsylvania Learning Standards through the variety of educational opportunities and resources offered. Access copies of the learning standards—Infants/Toddlers, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade, as well as a Standards Continuum.