Posted: October 6, 2011

A Proclamation was issued by the Washington County Commissioners on October 6, 2011, that the week of October 2-8 is National 4-H Week in Washington County.
4-Her's with County Commissioners and Pam Palettat, County 4-H agent

4-Her's with County Commissioners and Pam Palettat, County 4-H agent


Whereas, more than 5 million youth that take part in the 4-H club programs nationwide; and

Whereas, the Washington Cooperative Extension System conducts 4-H programs through the state land-grant universities with the mission to help young people acquire knowledge, develop life skills and form attitudes which will help them become self-directing, productive members of society; and,

Whereas, 4-H addresses issues facing youth wherever they live -- in inner cities, suburbs and rural communities and helps break barriers by focusing on learning-by-doing; and,

Whereas, 4-H builds youths self-esteem, leadership and citizenship skills, and focuses on critical issues such as protecting the environment; and,

Whereas, 4-H has programs on science and technology, natural resources, growing plants, caring for farm animals, career education, citizenship and leadership; and,

Whereas, more than 3,020 youth are active in 4-H programs in Washington County 4-H; and,

Whereas, exciting, fun and after school educational programs are available through county 4-H School Enrichment programs; and,

Whereas, more than 200 adult volunteers in Washington County donate countless hours and effort each year in preparing for and teaching youth;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, we the Washington County Board of Commissioners, do hereby proclaim the week of October 2-8, 2011, as “National 4-H Week’”

ADOPTED, this 6th day of October 2011, in Washington, Pennsylvania.

4-H'ers Attending:

  • Danny Sibert,
  • Michael Rush,
  • Taylor White,
  • Casey Doyle,
  • Kayla Huffman,
  • Tanner McFarland,
  • Lexie McFarland,
  • Katlyn Nassar,
  • Ashley Winkelvoss,
  • Emily Winkelvoss,
  • Nick Glover,
  • Chelsea Glover and
  • Montana Logar