Penn State Develops Stink Bug Monitoring Tool

Posted: June 10, 2011

Penn State researchers have released a Web-based mapping tool for the brown marmorated stink bug developed in collaboration with the PA Department of Agriculture.

The mapping tool can be found at

It will enable fruit and vegetable growers, field-crop growers, nursery operators and homeowners to report the location and size of infestations and the estimated dollar value of damages, if any, caused by the pest.

In the short term, data collected could provide an early warning for growers about where stink-bug populations are occurring so they can take appropriate action to protect their crops.

To report an infestation, vistors to the site first register to create a user name and password.  They then will be able to enter information about their infestation, including the county and municipality, date and the number of stink bugs observed per plant or in and around a home.  Growers also can report infestations in the two previous seasons to document economic loss.