Without 4-H, I would not have the experience, skills, or evidence of achievement that make me competitive in the job market and adept at my job. I am consistently amazed at the frequency with which it resurges in my current urban life. I cannot speak more highly of any other activity as I can with my involvement with 4-H, and I adamantly encourage all parents to allow their children the opportunity to participate.
Kate Semmens, 4-H Alumni

...we are in the middle of the most significant changes in food safety standards and regulations in a generation. Food Safety and Ag resources such as those at the extension are more valuable than ever.
Eric Wolf, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, Preferred Freezer Services

Thank you to your Master Gardeners program. Coming into the most dangerous city in the country to help with building Victory Gardens. This time the war is against drugs and all its ravishing effects... Gardening is therapeutic, healing and economical... If you live in a lower income area like me, everyone who passes enjoys and knows you can "bloom where you're planted!" God bless Penn State Master Gardeners for spreading seeds of encouragement, empowerment and hope.
Grace, long-time client at Plant and Seed Pick-Up, Chester

I think if anyone asked me, 'What is the single most important or influential thing that affected your business over the years?', aside from my wife, it would absolutely be Extension. That has come in the form of education, research, helping my client base to understand things, and raising my credibility when I talk to my clients and they in turn talk to Extension.
Al Cherry, President, Al Cherry Tree Service, ISA Certified Arborist

There truly are no words that can describe the catastrophic outcome of losing our Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension Service programs in Pennsylvania. From the Tree Fruit Industry sector alone, we would experience a total collapse of a system of mutual cooperation and success that extends not just for years, but throughout decades of time.
State Horticulture Association of PA

Wegmans finds the extension program very valuable to our company. We have had employees attend training and have had PSU extension provide in-house training, all excellent and very well received.
Kathleen O’Donnell, Chief Food Scientist, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc