Master Gardeners Revitalize Plantings at the Gazebo on the Green in Montrose

Posted: April 18, 2017

The Penn State Master Gardeners have begun the process of revitalizing an educational landscape around the Gazebo on the Green in Montrose!

The Susquehanna County Commissioners reached out to the Master Gardeners to ask if they could help beautify the plantings to enhance the area for the community. The Master Gardeners took the opportunity to make this an educational demonstration garden for the public.

After much planning the project began on April 12th when several Master Gardeners under the direction of Jim Kessler pruned back the overgrown Rhododendrons. The pruning was necessary so that they will regenerate and not block visibility of the Gazebo and will suit itself better for photo taking of events that occur at the Gazebo.

Plantings will include Astilbes of various heights and colors, variegated honeysuckle bushes, Ligularia bottle rockets, foam flowers, cone flowers, ferns as well as shade-loving perennials, bulbs and annuals.

The Elk Lake welding class is making and donating 4 pillars (2 on each side of the stairs at each entry point). The tops of the pillars will resemble the top of the Bell Town on the existing Gazebo. They will be planted with a climbing plant such as sweet peas or clematis. This will be a multi-year process and will be evaluated each year as to the garden’s needs.

The Master Gardeners are proud to take leadership on this great project that benefits community at large! The Penn State Master Gardeners also design and maintain the educational Low Maintenance Garden located on the Green in Montrose.