Six New Counseling Clinics Coming to Area School Districts

Posted: October 19, 2011

The Integrated Children’s Services Leadership Team of Susquehanna County is pleased to announce the opening of six new outpatient mental health clinics located in three Susquehanna County School Districts for the 2011-2012 school year.

These clinics will be part of NHS of Northeastern PA (formerly Tri-County Human Services), and will provide mental health therapy to children and teens covered by Medical Assistance (MA) during their regular school day. A fourth school district, Blue Ridge, has, for the past two years, collaborated with NHS Northeastern PA to provide services for high school students and this school year will expand to include elementary children as well. 

The clinics will be located in the following school districts:
Mountain View (elementary and high school)
Susquehanna Community (elementary and high school)
Forest City (elementary and high school)
Blue Ridge (adding elementary services to existing high school services)

 By locating mental health services within school communities, out-of-classroom time for transportation will be markedly reduced for young people who receive these services.  This new option will also benefit many families who struggle with the resources to transport children to appointments as well as increasing the collaboration between agency and school personnel which has been shown to be a key component in positive outcomes.

 The ICSP Leadership Team salutes the commitment of the school districts in partnering with local agencies and organizations to create more effective and accessible services for young people and their families, particularly in this time of economic challenge.