Better Kid Care’s New On Demand System for Child Care Providers

Posted: August 15, 2011

Now Professional Development Anytime for Child Caregivers

The Penn State Extension Better Kid Care program recently changed its system for offering professional development lessons. Lessons can now be completed with no waiting for completion certificates! Participants must register online to view the On Demand lessons and pay a $5.00 fee/lesson for professional development credit. After payment and successful completion of the lesson assessment, the participant will be able to print a certificate of completion and/or have it sent to his/her email address.   

Some of the additional new features of this system are:

  • Participants can stop and start a lesson. If they are interrupted while taking a lesson, they can return to the lesson at a later time. 
  • Once a participant registers in the On Demand system, he/she is able to print a list of all the Better Kid Care lessons completed (not just the On Demand lessons) and print a completion certificate for any completed lesson.   

To access the Better Kid Care On Demand lessons, visit  Click on the On Demand Distance Education button.  Check back frequently as new lessons are being added monthly. 

Note: Participants must have a credit card and an email address to access the On Demand Better Kid Care distance education lessons.