2011 Somerset County 4-H Recognition Dinner

Posted: October 26, 2011

Almost 300 individuals attended the recent 4-H Recognition Dinner held at the Berlin Community Building on October 20, 2011.
Jr/Sr Achievement & Outstanding 4-H Award Winners

Jr/Sr Achievement & Outstanding 4-H Award Winners

Over 270 4-H award winners, parents, leaders, and business sponsors were in attendance at the Annual Somerset County 4-H Recognition Dinner held at the Berlin Community Building on Thursday, October 20, 2011.

The dinner, a joint activity of the Somerset County 4-H Council and the Somerset County 4-H Development Fund, Inc., is designed to recognize the Somerset County 4-H sponsors and the county winners in the 4-H awards program, as well as honor local 4-H adult and junior leaders for their volunteer efforts in the 2010-2011 4-H club year.

Scott Rhoads, Somerset County 4-H Development Fund, Inc. President, served as master of ceremonies. The evening’s entertainment was provided by Michael S. Knapp, Ph.D., Vice President of the Information Sciences Group at Concurrent Technologies Corporation

During the evening, $7750 in scholarships and awards were presented to members of the Somerset County 4-H program.
-- Lindsey Leydig, daughter of Craig and Julie Leydig of Berlin, received scholarships from Ag Choice Farm Credit ACA and Hemminger Homes.
-- Kayla Miller, daughter of Doug and Laura Miller of Berlin, received the PNC Scholarship.
-- Breanna Robinson, daughter of Bob & Paula Robinson of Windber, received the Riggs Family Foundation Scholarship and Barbera, Clapper, Beener, Rullo & Melvin Scholarship
-- Drew Romesberg, son of Michele Romesberg and Roger Romesberg of Berlin, received the Lucas Popernack Memorial Scholarship funded by Severstal/PBS Coals, Inc. and Betsy Will Memorial Scholarship.
-- Jena Shaffer, daughter of Rick and Suzette Shaffer of Somerset received the Jack C. Reynolds Horse Scholarship and Karen Marteeny Memorial Scholarship.
-- Stephanie Summits, daughter of Scott and Mary Summits of Hollsopple, received scholarships from Somerset Trust Company, Barbera, Clapper, Beener, Rullo & Melvin and Goddard Family Memorial Scholarship.
-- Andrew Walker, son of Mike and Shelly Walker of Meyersdale, received the Somerset County Beef Producers Scholarship.
-- Cody Wedge, son of Robert and Tracy Wedge of Meyersdale, received the Frank J. Reynolds Beef Scholarship.
--Alyssa Weigle, daughter of Richard and Sandy Weigle of Berlin, received scholarships from J & J Svonavec Excavating, Inc., B.J. Maurer Motor Co., and JA Don Farm/Donald Shinn.
--Michael Whitacre, son of Jim and Jen Whitacre of Meyersdale, received the Walter Mahler Memorial Scholarship.
Organizations and individuals wishing to sponsor 4-H educational scholarships or contribute to the County 4-H Endowment Fund, are encouraged to contact the Somerset County 4-H Development Fund at the Somerset County Cooperative Extension Office, 6024 Glades Pike, Suite 101, Somerset PA 15501 or call 445-8911 Ext 7.

The AgChoice Farm Credit ACA Outstanding 4-H’er Awards were presented to Mathew Glessner of the Milksquirts 4-H Club and Breanna Robinson of Clover Kids 4-H Club. Ogline & Black presented Jr. Achievement Awards to William Kincaid of A Cut Above 4-H Club and Paige Stahl of Steaks and Chops 4-H Club. Collin Stoltzfus of the Somerset County 4-H Dairy Club and  Echo Kincaid of A Cut Above 4-H Club received the Sr. Achievement Awards presented by Barbera, Clapper, Beener, Rullo, & Melvin.

The 4-H Achievement Ladder Awards were also presented. These awards are designed to encourage 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire the seven leadership skills necessary to lead successful lives as competent, caring, and contributing citizens.

Members receiving Level one - green clover award include: Matthew Barron, Nathan Barron, Samuel Brahney, Drew Deffenbaugh, Emilie Deffenbaugh, Tara Duppstadt, Toby Duppstadt, Alex Hay, Carlyn Hay, Riley Hay, Shiyan Hetz, Sydney Hollsopple, Adam King, Lauren Kretchman, Kaitlyn Lensbouer, Danyel Schmidt, Abigail Stoltzfus, Kaydee Taylor, Skyler Wood, Daniel Yoder.

Receiving Level two -white clover award: Derek Barron, Addie Best, Joy Brahney, Abigayle Broadwater, Brooke Cornell, William Decker, Kaitlyn Ferko, Austin Fogle, Cannon Fogle, Lucas Hayman, Morgan Johnson, Allison King, Katie Kretchman, Cody Lynch, James Lytle, Jenna Lytle, Emily Moyer, Marlee Parks, Grace Romesberg, Chrissy Schachte, Theresa Schachte, Billy Schachte, Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Marisa Walters, Amanda Wiltrout, Eddie Wiltrout, Christopher Woullard.

Receiving Level three -bronze clover award: Richard Beidel, Scout Best, Heather Berkebile, Sara Berkebile, Holly Berkey, Megan Brown, Autumn Fogle, Brianna Hoyman, Annie Latshaw, Katee Latshaw, Hattie Mostoller, Haylee Rohrer, Anni Shaffer, Austin Speigle, Hank Tunstall, Rebecca Yoder, Ryan Yoder.

Receiving Level four -silver clover award: Brianna Berkey, Amanda Coleman, Caitlyn Hamelinck, William Kincaid, Seth Landis, Logan Lichvar, Aubrey Moon, Wade Pritts, Janna Shober, Kylie Shober, Paige Stahl.

Receiving Level five - gold clover award: Amanda Leister, Elizabeth Martz, Kristen Moyer, Jena Shaffer, Collin Stoltzfus, Victoria Woullard.

 Special recognition “Award of the Clover Leaders” was given to the following leaders for their years of 4-H leadership work. The bronze clover for one year of service was given to:  Jeremiah Ferko, Angela Svonavec, Susan Latshaw, Fred Walters, Kristen Walters, Sandra Brahney, Ethny Brehm, Jody Best, John Dice, Angela Kabina, Jeffrey Yoder, Cynthia Lytle, Audra Beal, Beverly Brown, Dwayne Hay, Amanda Mosholder and Jason Knotts.  A silver clover for five years of service was awarded to Jeffrey Hoover, Jill Luster, Scott Moon, Kathleen Tresise, Tammy Lynch, Dwight Smith, Andrea Stoltzfus, Eric Barron, Andrea Cole, Angela Geary and John Hemminger.  Gold Clover awards for ten years of service were given to Ed Baird, Bobbi Bernat, Mary Summits, Amanda Landis and Gail Martz. Mary Jane Kiehl received the pearl clover for fifteen years of service, Greta Stahl for twenty years, Angie Klink and James Ray for twenty-five years, and Allen Baer for thirty years of service.