Tree Fruit Production

Golden Delicious Apples

Apples may be grown in many parts of the country and lend themselves well to part-time farming operations. Depending on the chosen production method, land preparation, and trees, initial investments may be considerable. However, this investment will be spread over a longer period of time than many crops, given an orchard lifetime of about 20 years.

Grapes are one of the most ancient crops known to humans.They can be eaten fresh as table grapes or enjoyed in a variety of products such as juice, jelly, raisins, and the ultimate processed grape product, wine. This publication provides information on selecting cultivars, purchasing and planting grapes, nutritional requirements, pruning, training/trellis systems, and pests.

"Fruit Production for the Home Gardener" has been developed as a resource for people who wish to produce fruit on a small scale (one acre or less) and who are not legally licensed to use pesticides.


Peaches may be grown in many temperate areas of the United States. The startup costs for peaches can be high depending on the production method chosen, land preparation, and initial investment in the trees. However, the life of the orchard is expected to be at least 20 years, so this investment may be spread over a longer period of time than many crops.

This pocket-sized field guide provides hundreds of photographs and descriptions of common stone fruit disease symptoms. Detailed images focus on PPV symptoms in peach, apricot, and plum fruit and leaves. Other sections describe and illustrate diseases and conditions such as bacterial spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, and nutritional disorders. Essential for all stone fruit growers.

This production guide provides commercial fruit growers, extension educators, consultants, and others with information on fruit culture; orchard nutrition; spraying; pesticides; storage of tree fruit crops; and control of weeds, insects (including brown marmorated stink bug and spotted wing drosophila), diseases, and more.