Featured Publications

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Designed to bring awareness to the areas of a farm in which workers are at risk, this full-color calendar highlights one area each month and offers suggestions for improvement on your farm.

This new guide provides strategies and herbicide tables for managing weeds in corn, sorghum, soybeans, small grains, legumes, grass forages, and pastures.

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Revised in full color and with nearly 400 photographs, this 800-page hardback book provides basic horticultural knowledge in botany; plant propagation; soil health and fertilizer management; plant pathology and diseases; entomology; integrated pest management; lawn care; vegetable gardening; indoor, herbaceous, woody, and native plants; tree fruit and small fruit; weeds and invasive species; and pruning. Composting, landscape design, garden wildlife, and gardening equipment are also discussed.

This guide gives case studies of successful organic crop farmers in the Northeast, provides an introduction to the National Organic Program Standards, discusses maintaining organic integrity and how to budget for and market organic crops, and details organic farming practices.

The Penn State Agronomy Guide is a comprehensive publication on crop and soil management and pest management for farms of all sizes.

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Eat more veggies and add color, crunch, and flavor to your meals and snacks. Filled with recipes and advice for preparing delicious vegetable dishes using basic cooking techniques, this 44-page, full-color book is designed to help you make eating vegetables a family affair.

A Guide for Growers in the Mid-Atlantic. Developed by PA IPM, this manual is designed to help vegetable growers manage insect pests using sound IPM principles.