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USDA, FDA Working to Provide Aid for Farmers with Flood-damaged Crops
September 14, 2011
Agencies want farmers to know flood-damaged crops should not enter food supply.
US Food Safety and RADIATION from Japan . . . from Penn State Extension
April 7, 2011
April 7, 2011. Martin Bucknavage, Penn State Extension. In light of the leakage from Japan’s nuclear facilities following the tsunami, questions have been raised regarding the safety of the US food supply. Based upon the government reports, there is currently no risk to the US food supply. This includes fallout here in the US from radiation released into the atmosphere and foods imported from areas with the potential for higher exposure. EPA has only detected miniscule amounts of radiation in milk that can be attributed to the Japanese disaster, but these were so small that they pose no threat to human health.
FDA Radiation Safety: Questions about Food Safety
April 2, 2011
What is FDA doing to ensure the safety of products imported from Japan? What specific tests is FDA using? What are the standards for radionuclides in foods? What is FDA doing to assess the situation in Japan? What systems does FDA have in place to protect the U.S. food supply? What products come to the U.S. from Japan? How will the radiation affect fish and seafood that have not yet been fished or harvested? Are there dairy products that come from Japan? What are the chances of radiation affecting growing areas in the US? What action will FDA take to ensure the safety of consumers of those products? Is there any possibility of milk being contaminated as a result of cows eating contaminated grass or feed crop in the U.S.? What will FDA do if grass or feed crop in the US does become contaminated?