Increase in Spotted Wing Drosophila Numbers

Posted: August 26, 2016

Presumably due to the state receiving some much-needed rain and temperatures cooling off a bit, spotted wing drosophila numbers took a significant jump over the last couple of weeks.
Spotted wing drosophila male wingspots. Photo: David Biddinger

Spotted wing drosophila male wingspots. Photo: David Biddinger

Several growers called to report that they were finding larvae in their berries, we’re catching more SWD adults in our traps, and I’m noticing SWD males just “hanging out” around compost piles and such.

Growers of susceptible small fruit crops should be harvesting fruit cleanly and frequently (every day if possible), refrigerating fruit right after harvest at temperatures as close to 32°F as possible, bagging cull fruit and disposing of it in a way to prevent it from becoming a source of more SWD, and spraying with effective insecticides from different insecticide classes on a weekly basis.

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