Publication Available Online: Season-Long Strawberry Production with Everbearers

Posted: March 13, 2012

For those of you who are interested in producing day-neutral strawberries, there's a guide out there for you -- "Season-Long Strawberry Production with Everbearers for Northeastern Producers." This 70-page guide covers information on production techniques, economics, and pests in day-neutral production.

The guide focuses largely on production in the plasticulture system, though alternative production systems are also discussed. It is the culmination of a research and extension project funded by SARE, and was also national winner at 2011 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Communications Awards in the Publications category. Authors are Willie Lantz, Harry Swartz and Sherry Frick from the University of Maryland, and Kathy Demchak from Penn State University. The guide can be downloaded for free from the Penn State Vegetable and Small Fruit website at under the "publications" side-tab, and from the SARE website at < >. This publication was made possible with funds from SARE Project LNE06-241 "An integrated approach to developing a day-neutral strawberry production industry."