Pristine on Blueberry Labels -- Where Did It Go?

Posted: March 13, 2012

You may encounter new Pristine product labels that list instructions for bushberries, but with the words "except blueberry" added.

The issue was concern about possible phytotoxicity in tank-mixes containing Pristine in the western United States, so BASF dropped blueberries from the label. There have not been reports of this type of phytotoxicity in the East that I am aware of, though we have seen other types of phyto on young blueberry leaves upon occasion. My understanding is that blueberries will re-appear on Pristine labels for eastern United States blueberry production in the near future, and should be in the pipeline this spring. If you have a Pristine product with the old label that had blueberry included, you can continue to use the product according to those directions.