Sensitivity of Sweet Corn Varieties to Accent, Callisto, Laudis and Impact Herbicides

Posted: April 27, 2011

Sweet corn growers are reminded to check the sensitivity of their sweet corn varieties before using Accent, Callisto, Laudis, or Impact herbicides.

Lee Stivers, Penn State Extension in Washington County

Dwight Ligenfelter, Penn State Extension Agronomist and Weed Scientist, reminds growers to check specific sweet corn varieties for their sensitivity to the herbicides Accent, Callisto, Laudis and Impact. While these herbicides can be very useful tools in controlling broadleaf weeds including triazine-resistant weeds as well as annual grasses, they can injure some sweet corn varieties. Weed scientists across the US have researched this problem and developed several useful fact sheets with tables showing sensitivity levels for many sweet corn varieties. These fact sheets can be found here:


Sweet corn growers concerned with weed control problems sometimes ask, when are we going to see Round-Up Ready sweet corn? Probably not anytime soon. However, we may soon see a label for Ignite for use on BT sweet corn varieties which carry the “Liberty Link” gene. The active ingredient of Ignite is glufosinate, a burn-down material similar to glyphosate. The latest word from Bayer is that we may start seeing Ignite labels for BT sweet corn starting this August.

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