Greenhouse unit heaters-Types, placement, and efficiency: Worth Reading

Posted: October 4, 2011

Revised publication on greenhouse heating. Opportunities to increase efficiency in your greenhouses.

Scott Sanford, Senior Outreach Specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison has prepared an excellent guide comparing forced-air unit heaters. His guide goes into an excellent explanation of pretty much all of the current types of non-central heaters used in greenhouses today including a lengthy description of performance factors. Included is a case study using a combination of heaters that greatly reduces payback time versus purchasing all of the same heater(s).  Specific recommendations include: 1) Making sure that your air inlets are properly sized for complete combustion. 2) Purchase only stainless steel heat exchangers since they last 10-15 years versus just a few for the cheaper aluminized steel types. And, 3) Moving the heat distribution under-bench or using floor heating for savings of 20% or more on heat inputs. You can download the pdf for free