eOrganic: On-line Resource for the Organic Community

Posted: September 2, 2011

eOrganic is a website dedicated to providing relevant information for the organic community based on science, regulations and experience. The web address is Funding for the site was provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Integrated Organic Program.

The website contains articles, videos and upcoming and archived webinars on a vast variety of organic topics including crop and animal production, soil fertility, cover cropping, organic certification, pest management, current research and marketing. It also contains an ask-an-expert feature to address any information not found in the materials on the website.

Content for website materials is developed by organic specialists from all over the United States including people from universities and organic organizations, crop consultants and organic farmers. New content is added frequently. Subscribing to the eOrganic newsletter is a good way to keep up with new content. Information for subscribing to the newsletter is on the eOrganic home page.