Fact Sheets

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a vinegar fly that can lay eggs in fruit as it ripens; thus, larvae (maggots) may be present in the fruit by harvest.

The following series of Start Farming factsheets and farm profiles are designed for new vegetable growers.

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This full-color, 8-page publication describes specialty or novel vegetables that fit well in the current state and national promotion for vegetables, Buy Local, Buy Fresh, as well as provides marketing tips.

Unlike publications for experienced producers, the Agricultural Alternatives fact sheets are developed for those less familiar with the enterprise. Each fact sheet contains information on marketing, production, enterprise budgeting, and resource requirements to help users make a balanced evaluation of the enterprise for their operation.

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Use this worksheet to calculate organic nutrient source applications based on your soil test and compost test.

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We all know the benefits of plastic mulch. Not only does it keep the weeds down, it warms up the soil giving us earlier (and more) tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other heat loving veggies. But it costs us. Farmers estimate it costs $25-100 an acre for labor and disposal of plastic mulch. A possible alternative to black plastic mulch is biodegradable film mulches that look and act much like black plastic, but instead of ripping them up in the fall, you till them into the soil and the microbes degrade the material, leaving you a clean field in the spring.

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Effectively growing tomatoes and potatoes requires understanding and responding to Late Blight. This trifold brochure on late blight is primarily for gardeners. It was developed for growers so they can give to gardeners who ask about late blight and their regular (CSA) customers, as well as have available at market. The brochure covers why everyone growing tomatoes and potatoes needs to understand how contagious and destructive this disease is, how to identify symptoms and how to respond when it occurs.

Angular leaf spot, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas fragariae, is frequently problematic in strawberry plantings.

Pumpkin fruit set can be affected by a number of production and environmental factors.

Volume 1: Bitter Melon, Figs, Ginger, Globe Artichoke, Novelty Winter Squash, Specialty Peppers, Watercress