The 2012 Spray Record-Keeping Spreadsheet has been Updated with a New Function to Calculate Season-Long Use of a Product!

Posted: May 23, 2012

The pesticides listed are the same as they were two months ago, but the new spray record-keeping spreadsheet now has a new function. A Pivot Table that is located to the right of the spreadsheet, allowing growers to fill in chemical use information, is designed to calculate how many times a grower uses specific sprays throughout a season.
An example of a pivot table in use

An example of a pivot table in use

Once information is entered into the spreadsheet a grower can right-click the Pivot Table and hit Refresh to see results. Any time after adding or deleting spray information the Pivot Table must be refreshed to keep updated.

Once spray information is in the spreadsheet growers can see the amount of each chemical applied in relation to acreage, amount, frequency (Count of USE) and the sum of the total amount applied in each session as well as a total. The image example shows a grower has used Adament once, Carbaryl twice, Copper Sulfate Instan once, Delegate twice and Kelthane and Sulfur once each. The last line denoted as (blank) is simply keeping track of how many of the 150 fields in the spreadsheet are still available (this has no impact on spray records).

The newly updated spreadsheet with this function can be found at the Fruit Research and Extension Center (FREC) website under resources.

If you have questions about using this new tool, updating your old spreadsheet or input for more helpful functions - contact Sladjana Prozo at Penn State Extension in Adams County at 717-6271 ext 329.