Follow the Weather Forecast for this Weekend and Apply Streptomycin before likely Fire Blight Infection Events

Posted: April 13, 2012

If there is wetting during the anticipated warm-up on April 15th to 17th, there is the potential for severe fire blight infections.
Dr. Noemi Halbrendt, Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center Plant Pathology Associate
Summarizing the fire blight situation at the April 12th orchard twilight meeting, Dr. Keith Yoder, Virginia Tech Professor of Plant Pathology, stated that there were possible fire blight blossom infection opportunities on March 28th and April 1st.  Growers are advised to continue to follow predictive models and apply streptomycin before likely infection events.  If there are delayed blossoms on trees during the thinning period, growers should be aware that the thinning spray will create enough wetting for fire blight infection to occur if temperatures are favorable.