Dinotefuran and Bifenthrin Section 18 Emergency Exemption Registrations for the 2012 Season

Posted: July 31, 2012

During the 2012 season growers in Pennsylvania will be able to use two additional, highly effective active ingredients for the management of brown marmorated stink bug.
Dr. Greg Krawczyk, Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center Entomologist


Similarly to the 2011 season, dinotefuran received a special Section 18 Emergency Exemption Registration from US Environmental Protection Agency to help control brown marmorated stink bug on both pome and stone fruit.  This active ingredient, dinotefuran belongs to IRAC Group 4A (neonicotinoids), and is available for use on stone and pome fruit under two trade names: Scorpion® 35SL(manufactured by Gowan Company, Yuma, AZ) and Venom ® (manufactured by Valent USA Corp, Walnut Creek, CA). The manufacturer’s recommended rates per acre for Scorpion of 8.0 to 12.0 fl. oz and for Venom 4.0 to 6.75 oz should provide effective control of BMSB in the orchards. No more than two applications of dinotefuran containing products are allowed per season. Both products Scorpion and Venom can be used up to 3 days before harvest (3d PHI) and have 12 hours Restricted Entry Interval (12h REI). According to the product label, dinotefuran is highly toxic to bees exposed to treatment for more than 38 hours following treatment.

Another active ingredient, bifenthrin belonging to the group of pyrethroids, IRAC Group 3A, also received a special Section 18 Emergency Exemption Registration from US EPA. Under this Section 18 emergency registration, products containing bifenthrin can be used on apples, peaches and nectarines (bifenthrin already has a full registration on pears) up to 14 days before harvest (14 d PHI, 12 h REI).  Bifenthrin can be applied up to two times per season, with at least 30 days interval between applications. Three commercial products with bifenthrin are available for growers to use against brown marmorated stink bug: Brigade® WSB (FMC Corporation, Philadelphia, PA), Bifenture® EC (United Phosphorus Inc., King of Prussia, PA) and Bifenture® 10DF (United Phosphorus Inc.). According to the product labels Brigade WSB is recommended at the rate from 12.8 to 32.0 oz, Bifenture EC at the rate of 5.12 to 12.8 fl oz, and the Bifenture 10DF at the rate of 12.8 to 32 oz per acre.

All three mentioned products are required to be applied in a minimum of 50 gallons of concentrated spray per acre. The section 18 emergency exemption registration for products containing both active ingredients: dinotefuran and bifenthrin will expire on October 15, 2012.

Based on our direct contact laboratory bioassays as well as during residual field bioassays conducted during last season both dinotefuran and bifenthrin containing insecticides while tested at highest label rates were very effective against BMSB adults and nymphs, comparable to or better than other available materials.


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