Orchard Fuel Use Calculator Available on Line

Posted: August 29, 2011

Fuel use is a difficult thing for orchardists to predict or manage, especially when you are looking at trying new planting systems or management schedules. As a result, it is tough to know in advance if various changes would pay off or not - especially in this era of high fuel costs.


Dr. Daniel Ciolkosz, Penn State Extension Agricultural Engineer 

To help with this issue, Penn State Extension has developed a simple online "fuel use calculator" that can estimate tractor fuel use and costs for different field sizes and operations.  Farmers simply input basic information about their field, such as field size, row spacing, and mower use.  The calculator tool does the rest, and provides an estimate of total annual fuel use and fuel cost per bushel.   

The online calculator is especially handy for comparing various row spacings and block configurations.   

The tool is freely available online at  Information entered in the tool is not recorded or stored.   

**Calculator tool developed by Alex Leslie in cooperation with Drs. Paul Heinemann and Daniel Ciolkosz