Fruit Culture

Fact sheets and seasonal updates on cultivars, rootstocks, orchard site preparation, integrated pest management principles, pollination, orchard floor management, plant nutrition and pruning.

Fact sheets, growing season updates and spreadsheet tools for optimizing fruit crop load.

Recommended apple cultivars and rootstocks for Pennsylvania orchards.

Cost of production and tree density calculators.

Top ways to save energy in fruit production, including a calculator to help growers reduce fuel use.

Susceptibility to frost damage depending on stage of bud development and principles of frost protection with a wind machine.

Tools for modifying tree growth and structure, removing excess fruit, improving fruit quality, altering fruit maturity or preventing preharvest drop.

Guidelines for determining when to harvest fruit.

Spreadsheet calculators to assist growers in making cost-effective decisions regarding Honeycrisp management to improve fruit quality.

Selecting and preparing an orchard site and establishing the planting.

Fruit tree nutrition and water management.

Pollination and the role of bees.

Factors to consider in selecting an orchard production system.

Grafting fruit trees.

Principles of pruning and training fruit trees.

Sources of information for fruit producers.

Weed control in row middles and management of sod middles between rows.

Integrated approaches to preventing vole and deer damage in orchard plantings.