Production of Vegetables, Strawberries, and Cut Flowers Using PLASTICULTURE

Edited by Dr. William James Lamont Jr.
147 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Plasticulture - An Overview – William Lamont, Penn State University.
  • Chapter 2: Plastic Mulches - William Lamont
  • Chapter 3: Drip Irrigation and Water Management - David Ross, University of Maryland.
  • Chapter 4: Fertigation - George Hochmuth, University of Florida, James Patterson and Steve Garrison, Rutgers University.
  • Chapter 5: Season-Extension Technology-Row Covers and High Tunnels - Otho Wells, University of New Hampshire and John Bartok, University of Connecticut.
  • Chapter 6: Windbreaks – Bob Rouse, University of Maryland and Laurie Hodges, University of Nebraska.
  • Chapter 7: Crop Establishment Options, Machinery, and Spacings for Plasticulture – Mike Orzolek, Penn State University.
  • Chapter 8: Weed Management in Plasticulture - Rich Bonanno, University of Massachusetts.
  • Chapter 9: Soil Sanitation-Managing Soilborne Pests - Steve Olson, University of Florida.
  • Chapter 10: Production of Strawberries Using Plasticulture - Joe Fiola, University of Maryland.
  • Chapter 11: Specialty Cut Flower Production - Rob Berghage and Jim Sellmer, Penn State University.
  • Chapter 12: Managing Used Agricultural Plastics - Jim Garthe, Penn State University.

  • Appendices:
  • Appendix A: Plasticulture Equipment and Material Sources
  • Appendix B: Glossary
  • Appendix C: Useful Conversions
  • Appendix D: References


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