Master Gardener Hotline

Master Gardeners answer questions on a variety of topics including growing vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and turfgrass, plant identification, pruning, and insect and disease problems. Advice encourages the use of integrated pest management and environmentally sound practices.
Using the digital scope to detect minute details.

Using the digital scope to detect minute details.

Master Gardeners work in the Extension Office every Tuesday from May through September. They are available from 10 AM - Noon. If you are unable to stop by the office, send an e-mail, call 570-296-3400 with your questions, or complete one of the Diagnostic Sheets found under Gardening Help.

To help with insect identification and plant disease diagnosis, specimens can be brought to the extension office in Milford. Select fresh samples with intact parts, including flowers, if present. For diagnosis, bring a live sample that shows both healthy and unhealthy growth. Enclose live insect specimens and infested plants in an airtight container. If you cannot keep the insect alive, place it in a jar with rubbing alcohol or freeze it for several days to preserve the specimen. Digital photos for plant or insect identification can also be e-mailed to the office.