Helping Danville River Front Park

Posted: June 19, 2014

Master Gardeners from Montour County help River Front Park
(L-R) Mary Acton-Adams, Harriet Perez and Melissa Ramenofsky

(L-R) Mary Acton-Adams, Harriet Perez and Melissa Ramenofsky

Recently after the Montour Master Gardeners monthly meeting -(L-R)  Mary Acton-Adams, Harriett Perez and Melissa Ramenofsky in the photo above, couldn’t wait to get to the River Front Park to get down and dirty while helping out their community park look beautiful.

For many years the Montour Master Gardeners have helped educate the community group “Friends of River Front Park” by providing  their expertise with educating the members on planting, pruning and maintaining the River Front Park. They take pride in helping to maintain this beautiful place for picnics and relaxation for the public to enjoy. But as in any garden, the work load is never ending in the growing season and as plants mature they are in need of many more volunteers to help maintain the beautiful park.

Community members are encouraged to join “Friends of River Front Park” .Help keep your community looking beautiful. For more information, please call Dan Knorr, Danville Borough, 570-275-3091