Horticulture Hotline

Our Volunteer Master Gardeners are on duty Monday through Friday, April through October, to answer your gardening questions!

Montgomery County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers respond to phone calls via the Hort-line, and walk-ins on a part-time basis from spring through fall, helping Montgomery County residents with plant identification, indoor and outdoor pest identification and management, soil test information, fertilization, plant selection or specific sites, cultural practices, invasive plants, and IPM practices.

Montgomery County Volunteer Master Gardener Hours

Beginning in April and through October

(May vary due to vacations)

Phone Hours

Monday - Friday, 10:00AM to 1:00PM

Walk-In Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00AM to 3:00PM

If the Master Gardener is not available, a sample may be left with the Horticulture Staff Assistant with your contact information and description of the problem and one of our Master Gardeners will contact you.

There is also an after hours blue (mailbox) drop box at the front of our building by the Learning Gardens sign where you may leave your plant or insect sample. It is advisable to call the office at 610-489-4315 and leave a voice message letting us know your sample is in the box.

Contact Information

Diane Diffenderfer
  • Master Gardener Coordinator
Phone: 610-489-4315