Fayette County Master Gardener Program

The Master Gardener Program provides interested individuals with extensive training in many phases of gardening. In return, participants volunteer to teaching horticultural information to the public based on university research and recommendations.

Fayette County Master Gardener News

Penn State Extension Master Gardener Training Class
April 25, 2017
Penn State Extension Master Gardener Training Class for 2017-2018 to begin in October.
Penn State Extension Master Gardeners Commemorate National Poison Prevention Month
April 25, 2017
Penn State Extension Master Gardeners in conjunction with the Pesticide Education Program bring Fayette County Schools together in commemoration of National Poison Prevention Month.
Alexis Blake
4-H Member Alexis Blake Takes on the Master Gardener Program in Fayette County
May 18, 2016
4-H has inspired and impacted so many of us over the years that I wish to share with you one extraordinary 4-H member’s story, and this is just her beginning.
Master Gardeners team up with 4-H
August 1, 2012
Master Gardeners and 4-H make a great team with the 4-H Garden Club.
late blight on tomato
Late Blight in Tomato/Potato
November 21, 2011
See the PSU latest update about late blight.

Gardening News

Photo by Pamela T.  Hubbard
Creating a Cutting Garden
June 13, 2017
Fresh flowers on my dining table, kitchen counter, and desk brighten my home and make me smile. Bringing profuse bouquets into the house, however, means a limited show in the garden. You can solve this problem by creating a flower garden specifically for cutting. I will explain how to construct and care for a cutting garden using flowers most suitable for the Pennsylvania.
Heat Proofing Your Vegetable Garden
June 12, 2017
The dog days of summer can be tough on your vegetables. Even heat-loving plants like tomatoes and peppers might need a little extra care during a heat wave. Here is how you can to protect your garden – and harvest during a heat wave.
Lady's Mantle, Photo by Pamela T. Hubbard
The Highs and Lows of Gardening: Vines and Groundcovers
May 16, 2017
Plant gorgeous vines and beautiful groundcovers to solve some common problems in your garden.
 Bleeding heart by Liz West / Muffet, Flickr.com License 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
An Old Fashioned Favorite: Bleeding Heart
May 15, 2017
Plants often spark memories for me. Bleeding heart has a special place in my garden and my heart.
Heirloom Tomatoes
May 15, 2017
Heirloom tomatoes come in almost every color of the rainbow, with subtle variations in color, texture, size, shape and flavors. Each variety of heirloom tomato carries with it a story, one of history and folklore.

Regional Events

Master Gardener Basic Training: Westmoreland County
When: October 2, 2017
Where: Greensburg, PA
Master Gardener Basic Training: Fayette County
When: October 4, 2017
Where: Uniontown, PA