PSU Kits for Testing Your Soil

Posted: February 10, 2011

A soil test offers a road map indicating what your soil needs to produce strong, healthy plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns. A water test checks the condition of your drinking water, irrigation water, pond water and other water sources.

Test Your Soil

Soil tests are performed at the Agricultural Analytical Services Lab in University Park. Soil test kits are available from the Allegheny County extension office on Bedford Avenue in Pittsburgh. The initial kit costs $12; any additional kits are $9. Directions for collecting the soil samples and completing the paperwork for obtaining a soil test report from Penn State’s laboratory are included in the kit or watch the u-tube link on testing soil.

Penn State’s soil test lab results report the amounts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the soil as well as its pH level. The report also includes research-based recommendations for the type and amount of nutrients, if needed, to adjust your soil for optimum growth of your specific group of plants.

Click here for a video instructions on how to take soil sample.

Click here for a video on what happens to the soil sample at the Penn State soil test lab and how to use the test results.

Test Your Well Water

To submit a drinking water sample to Penn State's laboratory, you must first obtain a a free Drinking Water Test Kit from the Allegheny County Extension office. For more information on water testing, visit Ag Analytical Services.