Critter Resistant Spring Flowering Bulbs
August 3, 2011
Many gardeners hesitate to put their work and money into spring flowering bulbs because they have had bad experiences with chipmunks and voles damaging the bulbs, or with rabbits and deer eating the plants once they grow in spring.
Q&A with Sandy Feather: Oak wilt can kill some trees quickly
March 7, 2011
A disease called oak wilt has been identified in my neighborhood. I have three red oak trees that make my backyard a shady haven and I would hate to lose them. How can I protect my trees?
PSU Kits for Testing Your Soil
February 10, 2011
A soil test offers a road map indicating what your soil needs to produce strong, healthy plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns. A water test checks the condition of your drinking water, irrigation water, pond water and other water sources.