Penn-Del IPM Research Group

For more than 15 years the Penn-Del IPM Research Group, originally known as the Southeast Pennsylvania IPM Research Group, was a research and education consortium that made major contributions to our knowledge of insect and mite pests on woody ornamental plants.

The number of cooperator / members ranged from 15 to almost 30 members during the group's period of activity. These cooperators represented many different facets of the "green industry" in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Members included arboreta, educational institutions, public gardens, public parks, commercial and corporate landscape design, build, and maintenance firms, arborists, and ornamental nurseries.

What is IPM?  Integrated Pest Management is the modern approach to managing pests. It involves compiling detailed, timely information about key plants and their key pests to ensure that pest management decisions are economically, environmentally, and socially sound. IPM advocates the integration of as many suitable pest management tactics as possible that maintain pest populations at tolerable levels.