Heads Up! Spruce and Pine Injury

Posted: June 10, 2011

Are you noticing damage to spruce and white pine?
Suspected herbicide injury on spruce.

Suspected herbicide injury on spruce.

Arborists and landscape managers who are noticing damage to spruce and white pine should be aware of possible herbicide injury. On many sites, yellowing, distortion and dieback of terminal growth is occurring on these species.  In some cases, more extensive injury causes needle browning on older growth. 

A new broadleaf weed herbicide used in turf areas, called Imprelis, was used on sites where these symptoms are seen. Root absorption and translocation of Imprelis to new growth would explain these symptoms. Injury may be noticed several weeks after application.

The injury is mostly obvious on Norway Spruce, Colorado Spruce and White Pine. Most deciduous plants located on sites where damage has occurred appear unaffected but there are exceptions.

We will provide more information as the season progresses. For more information from Dupont about potential Imprelis damage contact

Potential herbicide injury images:

Spruce injury 1
Spruce injury 2
White pine injury