Landscaping, Grounds & Arborists

Pest Diagnosis

Select the infected plant and see pests that commonly attack the plant.

Plant Selection

Located at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension center in Landisville. These variety trials are for annual flowers.

Soils, Fertilizer and Water

Soil testing is a soil-management tool for farmers, homeowners, landscape contractors, golf-course superintendents, ornamental nurserymen and others interested in the fertility of their soil and in determining the optimum lime and fertilizer requirements of their crop.

Pesticide Applicator Information

Check here for study materials and exam information

Once you are certified, there are a wide range of courses available to maintain your expertise and your certification

This website provides information regarding products, poisonings, toxicology, environmental chemistry, etc. Check out the new section on Disaster Preparedness and Response.

Integrated Pest Management

Resources for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Information on Growing Degree Days, Minimizing Resistance, and Chemical Classes & their mode of action


Managing Stormwater, Reducing Flooding, and Improving Water Quality

Marketing and Business

This guide will assist you in starting an exciting and rewarding career in the Green Industry: landscape, lawn, nursery and greenhouse businesses.

This guidebook provides buyers and sellers of nursery stock with a common terminology in order to facilitate transactions involving nursery stock.