Tree Climbing School

Tree Climbing School is designed to teach the fundamentals of safe tree climbing and maintenance. Major emphasis will be placed on learning the skills required to climb and prune trees.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled for this course.

Course Details

Experienced professionals from Penn State, ISA Penn Del Chapter and industry will present lectures and demonstrations.

The school will include classroom and fieldwork covering:

  • safety/safe climbing practices,
  • equipment/use of hand tools,
  • tree terminology,
  • tree disease and insect diagnosis
  • culture and pruning
  • tree removal
  • knots

Students completing this school will not be accomplished climbers; however, students will have a satisfactory basic understanding, knowledge, and the skills required in the field of tree maintenance and tree climbing. A great deal of time will be spent in trees climbing. To achieve success in this climbing course, all participants should be in good health and have a desire to work in arboriculture.

Safety Note

Tree Climbing School is primarily a skill based physical activity.

Those with disabilities that prevent a full range of body motion, experience difficulty with manual dexterity, or have significantly impaired vision should not register for this program.