Poison Prevention Program Reaches 15,000 Students

Posted: November 21, 2014

Last year the Pesticide Education Program and county Master Gardener programs partnered to share a valuable lesson of poison prevention with 15,000 1st grade students across the state.

The interactive presentation focuses on pests and their control by using integrated pest management practices and encouraging the use of least toxic control choices first. Most families keep chemical cleaning products in the home, as well as fuel products for mowers and trimmers and various pesticide products for insect and weed control. Improper storage of these toxic products is of the cause of many accidental poisonings to children.

The outreach program meets 1st grade curriculum standards in Health, Safety, and Physical Education and Environmental and Ecology Education. During the classroom presentation, children learn about signal words, safe storage practices, and the importance of using the Mr. Yuk symbol to alert everyone in the home of dangerous products. A major focus of the lesson is learning and teaching younger siblings and friends about using Mr. Yuk to warn of danger and keep everyone safe.

For more information or to schedule a poison prevention presentation at your school, contact the Master Gardener Program at your local Extension office.