Common name: Rue

Scientific name: Pimpinella anisum

Family: Rutaceae

Uses: Decorative, culinary, medicinal.Attractive flowers. Use for drying. Use for dye (yellow; green). Use in containers. Use in marinades and sauces. Said to have some medicinal uses.

History: Sometimes referred to as the Herb-of-Grace, the shape of this plant

Description: Leaves are blue-green and have small rounded lobes. The stem is round and chalky and tends to become woody. The roots are cream colored and fibrous.

Plant type: Perennial

Hardiness: Hardiness zone 4-9

Height: 2 feet

Width: typically less than 2 feet

Light: Full sun

Soil: well drained, poor-moderate fertility soil with an alkaline pH


Disease: None.

Cultivation: Thin or transplant to 18 inches. Prune in late spring. During severe winters provide protection.

Companion planting: Planting Rue next to cucumbers will reduce cucumber beetles. Next to roses and raspberries it will reduce Japanese beetles.

Propagation: Division or cuttings.

Flowering period: June to August

Flower color: yellow-greenish

Harvesting: Pick young leaves just before the flowers open.

Garden notes: