Common name: Marigold

Scientific name: Tagetes species

Family: Asteraceae

Uses: Decorative.Attractive flowers. Use for dye (lemon yellow; bright orange). Use in containers.

History: Marigolds are native from Arizona and New Mexico to South America and Africa.

Description: Plants have deep green aromatic feathery foliage and single to double flowers. Leaves are usually opposite, simple, or more often pinnatified or pinnate.

Plant type: Annual


Height: up to 12 inches

Width: typically less than 1 foot


Soil: moderately rich loam soil with a pH between 5 and 8

Pests: Few


Cultivation: Transplant to 12 inches apart in late spring. Deadheading improves growth.

Companion planting: Deters eelworm when planted near potatoes, roses and tulips, tomato hornworm when planted near tomatoes, also deters beetles (Asparagus, Mexican Bean and Squash) from beans, asparagus and squash. Some sources report marigolds deter aphids.

Propagation: Seed

Flowering period: Summer-frost

Flower color:


Garden notes: