Variety Selection

Scab-resistant apple varieties are varieties that are not susceptible to apple scab, the most important disease in the Northeast.

Traditional apple varieties also can be grown in the home orchard.

Pears were once the dominant fruit grown in North America. Early colonial settlements would often have pear trees. The earliest known pear orchard was reported in 1630 in Massachusetts.

Pears do not root easily, so they are propagated by budding or grafting onto a rootstock.

The following is a list of common pear varieties.

Compared to other fruits, pears are unique because they are resistant to ripening right after harvest and will not ripen evenly until they have had a period of chilling.

The Asian or oriental pear has been in this country since the late 1800s but has not been planted regularly until the last 10 years. These pears, sometimes referred to as oriental pears, Chinese pears, or Japanese pears, are considerably different from the old, hard, homegrown varieties like Keiffer and Seckel.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is an important consideration when buying fruit trees. Bargain plants might not be healthy or might be a variety not adapted to your area.