Fungicides, Herbicides, and Insecticides

In some cases, pesticides are the only alternative in controlling pests. The pesticides cited here have moderately low mammalian toxicity and degrade soon after application.

Little or no toxic residues remain either on the fruit or in the environment if the pesticide is used according to label instructions.

A number of general-purpose products (GP-Products) are available at retail outlets. A GP-Product usually includes one or more insecticides and fungicides. It may or may not include a miticide. This type of mixture will afford adequate control of insect and disease problems, provided the amount used, the method of application, and the time of application are correct. These products allow you to buy one package of material instead of several individual pesticides that must then be mixed. Some mixtures are available in ready-to-use premeasured packets. Always follow the directions on the container package when mixing and applying pesticides.

Homeowners and hobbyists with small plantings need effective, low-cost spraying equipment. Hand sprayers fill this need.

Calibrating a sprayer means making trial runs to determine the application rate.

Calibrating a sprayer to treat trees is similar to doing it for a plot, except the application rate per tree is determined rather than the rate per acre.

The main reason for calibrating a sprayer is to determine the amount of formulated chemical to add to a tankful of water.

Although most hand sprayers are limited to small plantings, the handgun can supply a high application rate because the pump is powered and the spray mix is portable. Be sure, however, to practice with water while gaining application competence.

Pesticide residues on plants degrade to harmless byproducts over time. Toxicity varies among pesticide products, however, as does the amount of time necessary for degradation.

Several examples of pesticides available for backyard plantings are described below. Since various suppliers provide the same active ingredient under various trade names, the compounds below are listed using their common chemical name.

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Fungicides, Herbicides, and Insecticides

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