Disease Descriptions and Management

See basic cultural guidelines for the control of plant diseases under Pest Management. Table 2.4 lists pesticides available on various fruit crops for the control of diseases. Pictures of fruit diseases can be found in the Fruit Pathology Fact Sheets. Blueberry varieties differ in their susceptibility to the various diseases. See Variety Selection for more information.

Botrytis blight and fruit rot are common occurrences, especially in cool, humid weather on many crops throughout the world.

Mummy berry is the most serious and widespread disease of highbush, lowbush, and rabbiteye blueberries.

Only in recent years have phomopsis twig blight and canker become important diseases of blueberries. Bushes that have been weakened by other factors usually are more prone to infection. In addition to twig blight and canker, the fungus causes a fruit rot.

Blueberries are susceptible to a number of virus and virus-like diseases.