Rain Gardens

Install a rain garden to collect stormwater from your rooftop or driveway. These gardens capture and filter rainwater, allowing it to recharge ground water rather than running off you property to pick up additional pollutants.

Rain gardens are a simple and resourceful way to use the stormwater from your gutters productively as a garden.

Suggested plant material (trees, shrubs and perennials) for the three rain garden zones.

A Cedar Waxwing takes advantage of a winter food source. A well-planned rain garden provides fruits, seeds and nectar and is a valued food source year around. Migrating birds will find refuge, food and shelter, completing this unique habitat.

Creating biodiversity and habitat while conserving water. Basic information on rain gardens and plant material suggestions for each zone of a rain garden.

Learn about how to manage precipitation run-off and add to the aesthetic environment by building a suburban rain garden.